I am an existing subscriber and I need to migrate from ArchVision Dashboard to AVAIL.

In 2020, nearly everything has changed with ArchVision RPC. ArchVision Dashboard was replaced with AVAIL. There is new and improved RPC content. All of our RPC plugins are updated. Let's get you set up as quickly and easily as we can.

As a previous or existing RPC subscriber, it is critical that you uninstall all previous versions of ArchVision Dashboard and all ArchVision plugins. Before you continue please visit the article Uninstall ALL ArchVision Software.

  1. Connect your ArchVision account with AVAIL.
  2. Install AVAIL Desktop and AVAIL Browsers.
  3. Activate your content channels in AVAIL Desktop.
  4. Install RPC plugins and connect your subscription to AVAIL.
  5. Get started quickly with your RPC plugin.

If you have multiple users on your subscription you will also want to review the following article - How do I set up AVAIL for multiple RPC users?

Please email support@archvision.com if you need further assistance.