What does the resync content licenses option do?

In some cases, you may have to manually resync your RPC content licenses with the permissions associated with your subscription.

The status of your ArchVision subscription is used to determine if you can render commercial RPC content with or without a watermark or solid yellow material. This licensing functionality is handled on a channel-by-channel basis. For example, if you are an active subscriber to the RPC Standard plan you get access to the RPC Prime and RPC Legacy channels. The ArchVision Content License Manager will confirm that your subscription is active and RPC from both of those channels will render without a watermark.

If you are getting watermarks with RPC content that you have an active subscription for you should attempt to resync your content licenses. You can do this by right-clicking on the ArchVision App from the system tray.

Then you can choose Resync Content Licenses from the menu.

The resyncing process could take a while depending on how much RPC content you have.

If you are still getting watermarks on content that you have an active subscription for please contact support@archvision.com