Sharing ArchVision Content in AVAIL

As an AVAIL publisher, in AVAIL Desktop:

  1. Select the Channel you wish to share with your teammates.
  2. Select Channel Details.
  3. Set the download location to a location that makes sense to your company. Ideally, this would be a shared location so that you only have to download the content once.

   4. Select Shared Users.
   5. Click on Edit Shared Users.

   6. If you want to share with everyone on your AVAIL Team then you can enter "Everyone" here and proceed. Otherwise, enter the email address of the person in your company that you want to share the channel with.
   7. Choose Add A New Member.
   8. Make sure the user has editing permissions.
   9. Select Add Invitations.

  10. Save your changes.
  11. Select cancel to get back to the previous screen.

Your new teammate should receive an invitation to join your team via email.

   12. They should select Join Now.
   13. Next your teammate should create an AVAIL account.

  14. Add all account details and choose Create Account.

   15. Validate your email address.

     16. In AVAIL Desktop your teammate should be able to download and use content             from Family Detail Warehouse.