How do I take advantage of my free upgrade?

As part of the new RPC technologies introduced in the Spring of 2020 we began phasing out single-user subscriptions.

What happens to my existing subscription?

All single-user subscriptions will remain active for 30 days from the date you process your free upgrade.

Can I use my new subscription immediately?

We will email you as soon as your new subscription is activated. At that time we will also provide you with more detailed information about getting started with your new subscription. Activations will be handled as quickly as possible but could take up to 5 business days.

Do I have to upgrade?

No. However, ArchVision will no longer accept new single-user subscriptions AND no renewals will be processed after December 31, 2020. On January 1, 2021, ArchVision Dashboard will be retired and replaced by AVAIL technology.

Am I eligible for the free upgrade?

This offer is ONLY valid for customers with a current subscription. If your subscription is expired or has been cancelled you will need to purchase a new subscription. Please email with questions.

Will this offer expire?

Yes, this offer will expire when your current subscription expires.

What software versions are supported with the upgraded RPC Plugins?

The new RPC plugins that support the new AVAIL technology are:

Revit 2017-2021

AutoCAD 2017-2021

3ds Max 2017-2021

Rhino v6 and v7 WIP

SketchUp 2018-2020

Unreal Engine 4.22-4.24

Are there new features available with this upgrade?

Yes, here is a list of new features and functionality:

  1. AVAIL content manager has replaced ArchVision Dashboard. ArchVision Dashboard will be officially retired on December 31, 2020.
  2. All new content with an aggressive plan to add and maintain content on a monthly basis.
  3. New partner content channels are available.

What is AVAIL?

AVAIL is a software-as-a service platform that was spun out of ArchVision after discovering a unique way to manage the rapidly growing amount of Building Information Modeling (BIM) content. Industry leaders have adopted AVAIL to more efficiently create high quality designs and predictable project outcomes.

AVAIL comes in two forms, AVAIL Desktop and AVAIL Browser.  AVAIL Desktop is a standalone application for Windows only. AVAIL Browser is a plugin to use inside applications like Revit, AutoCAD/Civil3d, 3ds max, Rhino and SketchUp.