ArchVision and Enscape FAQ

The following is a summary of the questions and answers related to future RPC support in Enscape.

Is ArchVision still willing to work with Enscape?

ArchVision will, absolutely, sit at the table with Enscape. Voice your support for ArchVision via this link to an active Enscape forum post

Will the Enscape assets go away?

No, the Enscape assets in the Enscape Asset library are Enscape's intellectual property. None of the content is related to ArchVision SDK or RPC in any manner. 

Will the Enscape asset library go away?

No, the Enscape asset library will not be impacted by the removal of ArchVision technology in any manner. 

Will RPC’s work with Enscape any more?

Yes the current versions of Enscape will continue load and render RPC content that is placed in Revit from ArchVision Dashboard or AVAIL  

When will RPC’s no longer work in Enscape?

We do not know when RPC’s will no longer load into Enscape. Please ask the Enscape team when they plan to release a version of Enscape without RPC support.

Will other RPC plugins I use be affected in any way?

No, here is a list of currently supported application plugins and respective rendering technologies.

  1. Revit 2017-2021 - Revit rendering, AutoDesk cloud rendering and V-Ray for Revit (more third party support coming in 2020).
  2. AutoCAD 2017-2021-  native AutoCAD rendering
  3. 3ds max 2017-2021 - scanline rendering, ART Render, Arnold, Mental Ray, V-Ray and Corona Render 
  4. Rhino 6 and 7 WIP - Rhino render as well as V-Ray renderer  (more third party support coming in 2020).
  5. SketchUp 2018-2020 - V-Ray renderer  (more third party support coming in 2020). 
  6. formZ 9 - Renderzone, V-Ray, Maxwell

Unreal Engine 4 (TwinMotion is on our 2020 roadmap)