ArchVision Technology plugin is available for the full version of Revit Architecture and it does not provide a plugin for Revit LT as the moment.

Revit LT as well Revit provides 113 RPC objects samples that you can use in rendered images for Revit projects without a license.  

To use all the RPC Content provided by ArchVision with Revit LT, you will need to manually configure some settings to allow Revit LT to read and access the additional content. To do this please follow the steps below:


  1.  Download and Install the ArchVision™ Dashboard (Content manager) 

    2. Open Revit LT
    3.  Under the "File" Tab select "Options"

    4. In the "Options" dialog, click the "Rendering" tab. 

    5. Under "ArchVision Content Manager Location" Group, do the following:          
         Select           Network      
         Port:              14931

    6. Click OK.
    7. Restart Revit LT to commit changes.


Now you can create or edit RPC families, and specify the RPC content as the render appearance for a family type.
Load the RPC family into a project, and place the entourage objects in a project view for rendering. 



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