With Dashboard 2.0 you can set up additional local or network path for you RPC content. The default location path is C:\RPC.

*A Network paths allows you to centralize the RPC content allowing all the users in your license pool/network access the same content.

To add a content custom path please follow this simple steps bellow

  1. Open and login into the Dashboard 
  2. On the Menu-bar select Preferences then Configure Paths 

    3. Click on  Add Path to add a content path
    4. Click on "..." to modify the download path

    5.  Then click "Save" to apply the new path configuration 

NOTE: The new path will be scanned automatically for local content;   If the previous content is recognized, it will automatically have a blue icon indicating that is locally available and ready to use.  *Dashboard restart is required in some cases.  

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