One of the useful new features of the ArchVision Dashboard is it's ability to Drag & Drop content into Revit.  

*Autodesk 2019 Version. To be able to work with the Autodesk 2019 Software you need to manually download and install the latest 2019 ArchVision Plug-in,

You can find our latest plug-ins here

If the problem persist of is happening in previous versions, follow the instructions below...

Configuring App Preferences to Revit

By default Drag & Drop for Revit will be available by the Dashboard auto-detecting Revit.  If for some reason Dashboard's drag & drop is not automatically enabled, switch the Default application preferences to Revit.  

Make Sure Revit is Pointing to the Dashboard

The path should be set to  

Make sure that Content has a blue icon.

Content with a red or yellow icon cannot be used with drag & drop.  Make sure that the icon is blue.  Blue indicates that Revit is aware of the content.  Revit is made aware of content when it starts or when a refresh is performed in Revit 2014.  2013 requires a restart to recognize new content.

Make sure that RPC_Family.rft is in the path of your Default family template files.

The default location is C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RAC 20xx\Family Templates\English_I

If this path has been customized, please copy RPC_Family.rft into the customized directory.

Is the RPC_Family.rft missing? 

 You can Download all the rft versions here:

RPC Family.rft 20XX

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